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Color Pencil Techniques Every Artist Should Know

Updated: Mar 2

Adult Coloring Tips & Techniques

In this video, the artist shows you some of their completed images, explaining their approach to the variety of different objects that you can encounter on a coloring page. They explain their use of pens, pencils and other tools.

Color Pencil Blending Techniques

In this video, the artist discussing different colored pencil blending techniques to give your artwork a professional look and feel.

This video, from a professional coloring book illustrator, discusses blending and burnishing techniques to give you an even greater variety in how to use your color pencils.

Using White Color Pencils

This video goes through different techniques for your white colored pencils.

Skin Color Shading

This is a great tutorial demonstrates different coloring and shading techniques for getting the perfect skin tone for your scene.

Hair Color Shading

Hair can be challenging getting shading in the perfect hair texture. Tips for how to create shiny, dull, frizzy, and flowing hair textures. This video shows you how to get a sleek looking hair using three shades of colors.

For more added fun: ADD MORE COLORS! This video goes through the techniques o coloring rainbow colored hair.

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